Sunday, January 31, 2010


Back in the Android saddle

So now that versions 2.0 of my iPhone app are up and running on the App Store, I've finally started writing an Android version. You may recall that this blog was supposed to be primarily about Android development from the get-go. We apologize for the eight-month sidetrack.

Anyway, It's been going quite well. Both the Android and iPhone SDK have their pros and cons. I like XCode better than Eclipse, and I generally (though not always) prefer Core Data to direct DB queries; on the other hand, string processing is far easier in Java, Android's multithreading is easier to work with, I vastly prefer single .java files vs twinned .h/.c files, and I love not having to worry about manual memory management.

The Android version is now mostly functionally complete. Things I have (sometimes re) learned which may be of interest:

More to come when I release v1.0, which should happen in the next ten days.

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Any place we could download and dogfood the application?

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