Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Weird, man, weird

So I have switched to the Google Toolbox iPhone unit-test framework, and it mostly works a dream. You plug it in as per those instructions, write some tests, switch to your test target, hit "Build", and it runs your unit tests in the build phase, and highlights test failures in the same way that XCode normally highlights compile errors.

However. I have found something profoundly weird about it, which cost me a bunch of today.

Suppose your unit test is failing, and you want to debug it. Well, you can; but to do so, you have to not just Build but Run the test target, so you have to comment out the tests that are causing the build to fail. Easy enough. Then the test target launches normally in the simulator, and you can step through with the debugger, and find out what went wrong.

However. Guess what? If you leave any breakpoints in your code, and then go back and hit Build, then the Google unit-test framework will begin to fail, in strange and inexplicable ways (mostly null values where there shouldn't be any, in my case.) Remove those breakpoints - and poof, your unit tests are working again.

May you not spend a day beating your head against this, as I did.

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