Monday, June 1, 2009


zipme, baby

So I've finished the first crude version of my middleware and uploaded it to AppEngine. Looks like I'm going to have to upload the indexes by hand, though - I ran it through its paces before uploading it, but got a NeedIndexError: no matching index found when I tried to run it on Oh well. No biggie. I'll do that tomorrow and then go back to my Android app.

But mostly I wanted to tell you about a fun little app called zipme. AppEngine doesn't let you directly examine the source of the files you've uploaded. However, someone named "manatlan" wrote "zipme", a single python file that you add to your root directory so that you can subsequently download the entirety of your source code, zipped, from AppEngine. See here. (It's configured so you have to be logged in as admin, in case you don't wanna show your source to the world...)

eta: spoke too soon - the indexes are now up n' running. However, JavaScript form handling is not. Well, this is why you deploy early and deploy often, so that you don't get bit by it at the last minute. Goin' on a bug hunt, brb...

etaa: in case you're curious, I realized after five minutes that the culprit was neither AppEngine deployment nor my code: it was the NoScript in my browser.

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